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Male Cruella De Vil is now finished (with Fur coat!) based on SakimiChans design.


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Dysphoria’s a bitch.

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I legit got like 23 messages asking me to make this reaction video l o l 

Like I said in the video, I’m good friends with Skylar - I have issues with what Arielle has said and somethings that Skylar also said - lol just look at my facial expressions during this video L O L 

also - not everyone NEEDS to accept themselves… in my opinion! you dont HAVE to - like no one should FORCE you into acceptance - but wtvvvvs

can arielle just stop with all the trans videos now


(youtube link is only for people WITH the link - the video was too long for tumblr lol)


Telling trans guys that their dysphoria is “internalized misogyny” is radical feminism.

And radfems are a plague.

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Am I Selfish?


Am I selfish for killing her,
The daughter, the sister, the girl?
Selfish because I want to live?
That I’m tired of punishing
My body with a razor blade?

Am I selfish for being me,
The boy, the man I’ve always been?
Selfish for wanting happiness?
That I can no longer bear to
Be seen as a girl, a woman.

Am I selfish?

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Fear Is Our Greatest Pain by Moritz Aust x Tumblr

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"When people ask me to go out with them…"

Every day.

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always reblog

lol i reblog this literally EVERYTIME

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at monash university in melbourne the women’s department had a bake sale and cupcakes were one dollar for men and eighty cents for women and seventy cents for trans* people to represent the wage gap and heaps of guys kicked off about it being sexist and that’s how i finally understood how hypocritical and ignorant men’s rights activism is 

to be fair that is pretty darn sexist… why cant stuff just be EQUAL for everyone?


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Wait, how come I never get anons anymore? O.o

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Photographer Mattias Klum from National Geographic gets close and personal with a lion.

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I don't really think that you could get any more handsome, in my opinion. Your face is already breath taking. And you seem kinda cool as well.
k-uros asked


well I need a smoking hot body if I want to quit and become a stripper so there’s that

You said it on the internet. There’s no going back now, brah

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  1. Parents: be yourself
  2. Me: -is self-
  3. Parents: wait no
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